Introducing the MOSkinTM System*

The MOSkinTM System is designed to simply and quickly measure the radiation dose received by the patient during radiotherapy, interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology.

Simple, fast, accurate in-vivo dosimetry

  • Setup in minutes
  • Instant results
  • Accurate measurements at all radiation tissue depths, including skin dose at Water Equivalent Depth of 0.07mm
  • Wireless data transfer for real time or passive modes
  • Radio-translucent with no effect on radiation fields
  • Low Unit Cost, Single Use Disposable

Clinical Application

MOSkinTM is designed to be placed in multiple locations offering flexibility in measurement of tumour, skin and surrounding tissue dose.

In field uses

  • On skin under bolus to confirm skin is receiving sufficient dose in head & neck cancers, and other skin lesions.
  • On skin to confirm skin not receiving unacceptably high dose in head, neck and breast cancers.
  • On skin with a build-up to check right dose at Dmax for all cancers.
  • At multiple skin locations during Total Body Irradiation / Total Skin Electron Therapy.

Out of field uses

  • On eyelid with buildup to check eye lens not receiving unacceptably high dose during radiotherapy of head, neck, scalp & facial lesions.
  • Close to sensitive devices such as pacemaker/ implantable defibrillator to confirm device not receiving unacceptably high dose.

MOSkinTM Technology

Our technology was developed and proven by the world leading Centre for Medical Radiation Physics at the University of Wollongong in multiple procedures including:

MOSkinTM has also been fully tested and proven internationally in more than 20 hospitals, clinics and institutions, over 40 published scientific papers and the subject of more than 20 PhDs.

*Availability subject to regulatory clearance