Electrogenics Laboratories Ltd (ELL) holds the exclusive global license for the commercialisation of a new, unique miniature dosimetry sensor named the MOSkin.  MOSkin has been specifically designed for radiation dosimetry to precisely measure the defined effective depth and intensity of radiation doses in real time during the majority of radiation therapy treatments and scans.

Radiotherapy and CT diagnosis use high levels of ionising radiation. When the intense radiation is directed to a target within the body, radiation absorbed by subcutaneous tissues (e.g. skin) can induce serious detrimental long-term side effects, as well as increasing the probability of secondary cancers or tumour induction. In severe cases, death can be a direct result.

One of the largest challenges facing the medical radiation industry today is the lack of accurate real-time measurement of radiation doses being delivered during treatments.

MOSkin is the only accurate low cost sensor for precise radiation measurement at skin depth level of 0.07mm and radiation dose intensity in real time commercially available today.

Electrogenics Lab’s affordable, precise and real time MOSkin radiation sensor technology is well positioned to be a major disruptor of the radiation therapy and radiation detection industries.

Commercialisation ready – ELL’s unique globally patented MOSkin sensor technology has been successfully proven in multiple clinical trials.