Electrogenics is commercialising the MOSkinTM Technology; a series of quality assurance tools that can be easily used to detect radiation skin dose delivered to patients during radiotherapy treatments for

– cancer,
– interventional radiology procedures and
– CT scans.

The global markets available to Electrogenics for the MOSkinTM Technology are very large. A primary market is in the treatment of cancer, where radiotherapy is recommended for over 50% of all cancer patients. Other major markets are diagnostic procedures such as CT scans, and interventional radiology procedures such as angiograms for the treatment of heart disease and spinal surgeries.

The MOSkinTM System monitors, and can display in real time, the radiation dose actually delivered to the patient, thus independently confirming the estimated dose calculated by the radiotherapy treatment planning system (TPS), or delivered by radiography equipment.

The MOSkinTM Sensors are medical radiation dosimeters which provide an accurate measure of the skin dose at the location of the sensor on the patient.

The first product being commercialised in the MOSkinTM Technology suite is the MOSkinTM Sensor and associated support equipment. The sensor is a single use dosimeter that measures radiation skin dose at the international standard Water Equivalent Depth (WED), and transmits the readings to the MOSkinTM Reader, either by placing the MOSkinTM Sensor in the reader, or via Bluetooth from a MOSkinTM Transmitter.  Clinicians can review that data on the reader to check delivered radiation dose and make adjustments to better personalise the therapy dose for the individual patient.

Electrogenics has partnered with leading Australian industrial design, engineering and regulatory compliance firms and is in the process of developing its initial product offering ready for regulatory approvals and subsequent product launch in major global markets through specialist distributors in the radiology field.  The system is being designed for high volume outsourced manufacturing of the various components including sensors, transmitters and readers.