Electrogenics Laboratories – ATC 2020 Winner

MOSkin Sensor Technologies – The world’s first affordable wireless radiation sensor technology that is able to precisely measure the defined effective depth and intensity of radiation doses in REAL-TIME during all radiation therapy treatments for cancer, angiograms, interventional scans and diagnostic scans (CT).

Electrogenics Introduction

Radiotherapy, Angiography, Interventional Scans and Diagnostic Scans (CT) use high levels of ionising radiation. When intense radiation is directed to a target within the body, radiation that is absorbed by subcutaneous tissues (e.g. skin) can induce serious long-term detrimental side effects, as well as increase the probability of secondary cancers or tumour induction. In severe cases, death can be a direct result. One of the greatest challenges facing the use of current medical radiation technologies is their lack of accurate REAL-TIME measurement of radiation doses being delivered during treatments and scans.

MOSkin product range – the only cost-effective, single use, disposable radiation sensor range in the world today that is capable of simultaneous, REAL-TIME radiation measurement at skin depth level of 0.07mm and actual radiation dose intensity in the world today.

At a time when contagion risk and sterilisation procedures are major concerns for all fields of medicine, the MOSkin sensor product range is uniquely positioned to be a major disruptive technology for use in all radiotherapy treatments for cancer patients, angiograms and diagnostic and interventional radiology (CT) scans.

Low Cost single-use disposable MOSkin sensor

Magic Plate MOSkin array of sensors

Commercialisation ready – the patented MOSkin Sensor Technology has been successfully proven in multiple clinical tests and procedures in over 20 clinics and hospitals around the world.