MOSkinTM System

The MOSkinTM Technology is a suite of complementary medical devices that enable clinicians to accurately monitor, in real-time, the precise dose of radiation patients are exposed to during radiation procedures.

The Company is developing the MOSkinTM system for clinical use.

The MOSkinTM system comprises the following elements:

– single use radiation dosimeter sensors (MOSkinTM Sensor) that are placed directly on the skin of a patient and detect the radiation dose delivered to the patient;
– a reusable data acquisition transmitter (MOSkinTM Transmitter) that transmits the data to the data acquisition reader;
– a data acquisition reader (MOSkinTM Reader) that receives the data from the MOSkinTM Transmitter and enables the clinician to read the data in real-time or immediately after the treatment;
– a calibration tray to enable multiple MOSkinTM Sensors to be batch calibrated before use; and
– a charging dock for both the MOSkinTM Transmitters and MOSkinTM Reader.

MOSkinTM Sensor

The MOSkinTM Sensor is a clean, non-sterile, single use device that measures the cumulative radiation skin dose over the duration of the exposure.

The MOSkinTM Sensor is a patch that is adhered to the patient to capture radiation exposure data.

The MOSkinTM Sensor:
– enables real time in-vivo dosimetry;
– is accurate, is temperature independent, is transparent to radiation, and can be placed in the direct beam, without impacting on the image that is taken or the dose of radiation that is given to the patient.
– has a highly reproducible build-up layer capable of measuring skin dose and all other required tissue depths
– is calibrated pre-treatment for either passive or active use
– once it has been read, is disposed of into clinical waste.

MOSkinTM Transmitter

The MOSkinTM Transmitter is a Bluetooth transmitter that is connected to the MOSkinTM Sensor to enable real-time measurements to be relayed to the MOSkinTM Reader and accompanying APP.
The MOSkinTM Transmitter will be self-powered and consists of a number of ports to enable a number of MOSkinTM Sensors to be connected at any one time in each procedure.

MOSkinTM Reader

The MOSkinTM Reader is a battery powered touch screen device that receives the data from the MOSkinTM Sensors during calibration and during medical procedures. It is also used to assign the MOSkinTM Sensors unique identifiers to the patient. The touchscreen enables the user to navigate through the various setup, patient management and data capture sequences. The MOSkinTM Reader can have multiple MOSkinTM Sensors connected at any one time.

Modes of Operation of MOSkinTM Sensors

MOSkinTM Sensors will be used in two modes:


In this mode, the MOSkinTM Sensor is not connected to the MOSkinTM Reader.

Readings can be taken immediately, or any time, after the treatment. This mode is used primarily for radiotherapy as the sensitivity does not need to be high.


In this mode, the MOSkinTM Sensor is connected to the MOSkinTM Reader during treatment. Readings can be viewed in real-time.

This mode is used for radiotherapy for cancer as well as interventional or diagnostic radiology.


Passive mode requires a clinician to read radiation results in real-time to first remove the MOSkinTM Sensors from the patient’s skin and inserting them in the MOSkinTM Reader.


Active mode enables a clinician to read radiation results in real-time without needing to first remove the MOSkinTM Sensors from the patient’s skin.

MOSkinTM Reader

Tested Internationally in 20 hospitals and clinics including: