The MOSkin Sensor technology is a new industry standard for highly accurate skin or surface dosimetry at precisely defined and reproducible effective depths of measurement.

MOSkin REAL-TIME wireless sensors are affordable, small in size, tissue equivalent and temperature independent minimising treatment disruptions. The sensors are transparent to X-rays, with minimal radiation beam perturbation, are angular independent and measure doses accurately in small or large radiation fields.

The pictures above demonstrate that the MOSKin Technology does not obstruct the radiation beam and is effectively undetectable in use.

Key characteristics of the MOSkin Technology are:

most cost effective, affordable sensor; 
– can be used as a low-cost single use sensor or as a multi-use device;
– disposable single use or multiuse (sterilisable);
– real time skin in-vivo dosimetry capability;
– small size with no effect on the radiation field;
– highly reproducible;
– tissue equivalence above 150 keV photon energies;
– not acquired/detected by the c-arm beam;
– does not cause any disruption to the beam parameters;
– completely radio-transparent;
– temperature independent;
– can be retrofitted to most radiation equipment for real time recording; 
– ease of use – clinician friendly.

The Magic Plate – consisting of multiple MOSkin sensor configured arrays to monitor radiation dose rates.

Multi MOSkin sensor arrays for beam dose measurement and calibration